James Graham Brown Cancer Center


As I was setting up my "playing nest" for the hour, I asked one of the patients receiving chemotherapy if I could use the empty chair close to her. She replied, "I want you to have anything you want because last time I was here, you played and it made such a difference to me. I watched the entire environment of this room change." I told her how pleased I was to hear that the music was effective in making an impact not only on her, but the room itself.
An hour later, as I was leaving, the ticket taker at the parking lot said "I gave your CD away that you gave me! One of the patients drove by and told me about your beautiful music and I remembered that I you had given me a CD, so I told her I wanted her to have it!" I thanked her for her thoughtfulness and told her I would gladly replace her CD!!
It was that kind of day at the James Graham Brown Cancer Center.

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