Meaningful Performance


An incredible week of music at Augusta Heritage Center and Spring Dulcimer Week.  I presented my powerpoint titled "Mindful Practice: Meaningful Performance" and I experienced the same "after shock" during performance that I was warning my students about.

I was giving examples from a previous "concert" where I felt good about the presentation.  I had developed a theme and engaged the audience as much as possible(much of what I've learned as a music therapist), in the half hour set.  Yet, in this brief 10 minute showcase, taking turns with other professional musicians, I felt unable to decide what to play, what sequence, and unable to find that participation element that brings comfort and, perhaps, belonging, to the experience.

What is the key to engage your audience when it is only for a short time?

How do you choose the right song from among the hundreds you know?

How do you decide that's the right song choice and commit to that decision?


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