Old Ceol - CD



12 tracks of old Irish airs, songs & dance music, performed on Ireland's traditional instruments (harp, fiddle, pipes, flutes, voice and dulcimer).

1. The Irish March (Wm. Byrd)

2. Blind Mary (T. O'Carolan)/The Snowy Path (M. Kelly)

3. An Cailin Deas Og (Traditional)

4.  The Lark on the Strand/The Yellow Wattle/John McHugh's Jig (Traditional)

5. Celia Connellan (T. Connellan)/Taureendarby/Jack Mitchell's/Julia Clifford's Polkas (Traditional)

6. A Highland Reel/The Humors of Glasses/Lough Erne's Water (Traditional) J. Goodman

7. The Little Red Lark/The Kilfenora Jig (Traditional)

8. Margaret's Waltz (P. Shaw)/The Lisnagun Jig (B. Ring)

9. The Wonder Hornpipe (J. Hill)/If We Hadn't Any Women in the World (Traditional)

10. Miss Hamilton (C. Lyons)/The Skylark (Traditional)

11. The March of the High King of Laois (Traditional)/O'Sullivan's March (Traditional)

12. The Skylark (The Lark in the Clear Air/Caitlin ni Uallachain)/The Star Above the Garter/The Chanter's Tune (traditional)


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"Old Ceol" CD now available!

12 tracks of old Irish airs, songs, & dance music, performed on Ireland's traditional instruments.  

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