Medical Music Therapy

Medical Music Therapy

A message from The Medical Executive Committee

 I just want you to be aware that at last night's Medical Executive Committee meeting the medical staff members complimented on the value of the Music Therapy department. This was after a discussion made about our "Operation HUSH" project where we plan to reduce the number of overhead pages to only emergencies to reduce the noise level in our hallways. Dr. Boatwright commented that it is too bad that we could not pipe in the musicians we have playing the harp in our units through the paging system instead. He felt it really helps improve ambiance and bring a sense of calm in a very chaotic day.

I, of course, could not be more proud of what you all do everyday for our patients, families, visitors, employees and PHYSICIANS.

Thank you.

Shirley Schilling, B.S., C.P.H.Q.
Director of Quality and Resource Management
Norton Audubon Hospital




Attention to Hospitals and other Healthcare Facilities:

The Celtic Passages relaxation entire DVD may be used within your facility's onsite broadcasting system. To subscribe for usage, please download the terms and agreement pdf below. Feel free to contact us for further inquiries about the use of our music, or music therapy services in your facility.

Download the Celtic Passage Blanket License Agreement

Celtic Passages flyer


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