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Mountain Dulcimer: A Survival Guide for Beginners - Book



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A perfect book for the beginning mountain dulcimer player.  Learn the parts of the dulcimers, how to tune, strum, play from traditional notation, as well as tablature, and discover how easy it is to play chords and your favorite tunes!

Equipment, Part of a Dulcimer, Tools, Strings, Picks,Tuners,  Straps, Fret Markers, Tuning

1-5-8 or Mixolydian Ear vs. Electronic

Notes Scales

Mixolydian vs. Major First Songs

By Ear and By Tablature (Fret Numbers) By Notes

Rhythm Hand and Strumming Fingerpicking

Introduction to Chords Two Chord Songs Three Chord Songs

Finger Positions, Getting around the melody string

Melody Across the Strings

Picking the middle string 

More Chord Theory
I- IV- V Chord Progression

Chords in D Major

Combining chords and melodies

Amazing Grace, 68
Bile Them Cabbage Down, 47, 61 Buffalo Gals, 59
Camptown Races, 65
Chanters Tune, 55
Going to Boston, 54
Gray Cat on a Tennessee Farm, 48, 57 Happy Land, 50
Home On The Range, 69
Lil’ Liza Jane, 64
Old Joe Clark, 53, 56
Oh, Susanna, 62
Rock-A My Soul, 60
Shortnin’ Bread, 49
Soldiers Joy, 52, 58
Streets of Laredo, 67
Susanna Gal, 66
What A Friend We Have In Jesus, 70 What’ll I Do With The Baby-O, 51 

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