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na Skylark, a Central Kentucky Celtic-music trio

na Skylark trio members

Lorinda Jones, Cathy Wilde, Jannelle Canerday

na Skylark, which simply means “the skylarks” in Irish, is dedicated to playing the traditional music of Ireland, Scotland, and other Celtic lands on Ireland’s national instruments: the Irish harp, and the Irish uilleann (“elbow”) pipes. From there, na Skylark weaves these voices and others – Irish song, flutes and whistles, fiddle, and the Appalachian dulcimer – into a tapestry of sound and feeling listeners have described as “deeply touching” “authentic,” and “soul-food for my Irish heart.” 

An evening with Lorinda Jones, Cathy Wilde, and Jannell Canerday offers a rare chance to explore the musical soul and source of “Celtic Women” and “Riverdance” in a relaxed, warm, and truly “up-close and personal” setting.  Join us for a wee while as Lorinda Jones (harp, dulcimer) and Cathy Wilde (pipes, whistles)  and Jannell Canerday (fiddle and vocals) share the music, history, songs and stories of the Celtic lands and send your spirits soaring. Na Skylark is a member of the Kentucky Arts Council, Performing Arts Directory.


Click on the video to meet the trio members hear their music in the beautiful setting of Perelandra Studio, Asheville, NC.

(Video courtesy of Nicole Wise) 




New CD!  Old Ceol features 12 tracks of old Irish airs, songs, & dance music, performed on Ireland's traditional instruments

(harp, fiddle, pipes, flutes, voice and dulcimer)

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In recognition of artistic excellence ,Na Skylark,  has been selected to participate in the Performing Artists Directory, a program of the Kentucky Arts Council, the state arts agency, which is supported by state tax dollars and federal funding from the National Endowment for the Arts.


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"Old Ceol" CD now available!

12 tracks of old Irish airs, songs, & dance music, performed on Ireland's traditional instruments.  

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