Classical vs. Folk Performance

I was totally focused on the music notes on the page, the sound of the violin and cello sitting next to me, the voices of the choir, the piano player, and of course, the conductor.  I did not have time to think about what the listeners were thinking, if they liked it or not, or "making a connection" as stated in my previous blog.  I was playing oboe for a special Good Friday service.  I was not on stage, but the music I was making could be heard clearly by everyone in the large church.  The instruments were mic'd and there was only one opportunity to "get it right"! The music arrangements were beautiful and I was happy to be a part of the ensemble and providing that sound for the worship service.  Is there a way to transfer that total concentration and dedication to the music making when on stage and "entertaining" without hearing the voice in the head?  The "zone" of performance can come in all sorts of venues, and the key is unlocking it under all challenging, and perhaps even frightening, situations.  How do you get in the "zone" and lose the inside voice?

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