Music Therapy Keeps the Couple Singing Together

He is sitting beside his wife in the music therapy session today.  He shares the stories that she no longer can speak, how they were both in the service together, she a nurse, he an officer, how they spent so much time singing and listening to music. He looks at her as if that connection is still there, and touches her hand gently.  She is singing along today, and gives an occasional smile, it is a good day.  He sings solo on Goodnight Irene and she applauds gently when he finishes.  It has been several sessions since she has used her hands purposely without assistance.  Today is a good day. He began coming to the session to share the music time with her when she was first admitted to the facility.  He is now a resident himself, engaging life on the independent living side of the building.  He is a welcome addition to the Merry Makers Choir, where he reminisces with the group during the choir hour, and adds his beautiful voice and his long list of songs of old.  He can visit anytime, but it is during music therapy that the couple can once again share music and singing, and smile and hold hands as they did before her Alzheimer's.


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