Music therapy can support family and social interactions, decrease agitation, and support reminiscing for persons with dementia. 

Therapists used evidence-based techniques and interventions to support clients and caregivers across the spectrum of symptoms and settings.

Music therapists also consult with facilities to help ensure accessible music programming for all residents.


A favorite intervention at the assisted living facilities that gets everyone moving! 


Atria Conductorsize

Atria Assisted Living, Elizabethtown


Atria Assisted LIving

Playing the QChord

Resident playing the Qchord during music therapy session 

Dancing couple

Social music event for St. Patrick's Day

   Online Music Lessons & Video Tutorials

To help keep you making music, I am offering private & group lessons via Zoom and video tutorials via Facebook 

  • All levels Mountain Dulcimer
  • Beginning and Continuing Lever Harp  
  • Music Theory

 To sign up for a group or private lesson, contact Lorinda here. 

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