Workshops for Lever Harp

Choose from this selection or contact Lorinda to request a custom presentation.

  • Harp Ensemble: play using multiple parts for an orchestral sound
  • Lead Sheets: work from just melody and chord lines
  • American Folk Music
  • Arpeggios for calming, energizing, and improvising
  • Learn the modes available on the diatonic harp
  • Lullabies and Laments  
  • Music Around the World: international beauties
  • Amplification: basics of setting up and running a small amp
  • Harps in Healthcare
  • Overview of Music Therapy
  • Yoga for Musicians
  • Appalachian tunes
  • English Country Dance Tunes
  • Warm-ups from well known tutorials
  • Rounds
  • History and Tunes of the Ancient Harpers
  • Classical Themes arranged for the Lever harp
  • Dance tunes: waltzes, polkas, reels
  • Mindful Practice for an Enjoyable Performance


harp weekend

John C Campbell Harp Weekend with Lorinda Jones and Angi Bemiss 2015

2015 class

John Campbell Beginning Harp Class 2015


harp class john campbell

John Campbell Folk School Beginning Harp Class 2012

Harp Class 2010

John Campbell Folk School Beginning Class 2010

Continuing Harp Class 2013

Continuing Harp Class, John Campbell Folk School 2013

                  Online Music Lessons                    & Video Tutorials

            To help keep you making music, I am offering private & group lessons via Zoom.  

You can learn

  • beginning mountain dulcimer
  • continuing mountain dulcimer
  • folk harp  

 To sign up for a group or private lesson, contact Lorinda here. 

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Upcoming Events


Group lesson: Compassion, Companionship and The Mountain Dulcimer

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Group lesson: Compassion, Companionship and The Mountain Dulcimer

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