Beautiful Lunch with the Arts Program Thank you for a beautiful Lunch With the Arts program this past Wednesday! I heard nothing but positive comments afterwards about how beautiful and interesting it was. We usually get around 40 people, so your crowd of 70 was pleasantly large - a testament to you and the power of music to touch people. ” - Joan Stansbury
Beautiful music on our "Funny Valentine Lorinda - thanks very much for providing beautiful music on our "Funny Valentine" night.  You added a touch of class to the evening.  I received a number of favorable comments from folks appreciating the music.  Thanks also for your gift of music to those who are hurting such as at the Brown Cancer Center. Being on the receiving end of your gift at a time when tough issues were being faced helped us get through the day as I am sure it did many others as well.   BLessings Bob” - Bob Hardy
Accoustic Accord CD- Your new CD is as stunning to listen to as it is to look at--what a gorgeous cover.  Your new CD is as stunning to listen to as it is to look at--what a gorgeous cover. The selection of tunes was great--it is, for me, a perfect mix of never-heard and old familiarsI like how it all "hangs" together...and the musicianship...ahhhhhhhhh (awe!).  Beautiful arrangements and is a recording I will listen to many times (and have done so already!).  (Butterfly, by the way, is exceptional!) Janita Baker” - Janita Baker, Blue Lion Dulcimer
No Shadow Dulcimer CD Review- This may very well be the best representation of the mountain dulcimer that I have heard. Wow!!! What a nice compilation of music for the dulcimer.  This may very well be the best representation of the mountain dulcimer that I have heard.  Most presentations are overpowering with the dulcimer, No Shadows, allows the dulcimer to be pre-eminent.  Super!! Thank you very much for the CD.  I want to pick up some more at the Heartland Festival.  Also would like to talk with you about the way you over-dubbed the tracks and the procedure for recording.  That is fascinating.  MLJ” - Merwyn Jackson
Lorinda,   I enjoyed your workshop and even more your playing. Hope to see you again in the future.   Ken Sheller” - Kenneth Sheller

— Augusta Heritage Center

Besides being an extremely gifted multi-instrumentalist, Lorinda is a superb teacher. I had the privilege of taking a 5 days class with her and was THRILLED with all that I learned.  The class far surpassed my expectations and I encourage anyone who is thinking of learning dulcimer, Celtic harp or any other of the instruments she offers instruction take a class with her.  You will be SO happy that you did."       Ginny Oman, Asheville, North Carolina.” - Ginny Oman

— Asheville, NC

Lorinda was one of the best music instructors I have had at the folk school.  So organized, patient, encouraging, warm and a totally inspiring musician and educator.  Thank you Lorinda. I look forward to when our paths cross again.” - Leah Dolgoy

— John C Campbell Folk School

It all worked out! I am just so thankful to your flexibility Lorinda. You made for a wonderful day and we are all so appreciative! I have heard many compliments about what an artist you are and what a special performance you gave! And yes, a lot of hard work, we are so grateful! Many Thanks Sarah” - Sarah Coode, Activity Director

— Nazareth Homes

Hi Lorinda, Thanks again so much for the great class. I hope you arrived home safe. It was a pleasure to meet you and learn from you. You are a beautiful harpist, a great teacher, and a humble and gentle person. I'm excited about continuing with harp.  I listened to your CD's on my trip home, which made the drive much more pleasant. Mia” - Mia Rosenfeld

— John C Campbell Folk School

Lorinda.  What a WONDERFUL experience I had learning harp in your JCCFS class. It was my first time there and I definitely made the right class selection. I loved every minute of it and could have stayed for another week of class.  You're such a natural teacher and you made the class FUN as well as full of information.  Thank you for answering my list of questions each time, especially about where/what/how to buy a harp.  I have so much more appreciation now for what you do on the harp and it is mind blowing to watch you (and hear).” - Virginia Oman

— John C Campbell Folk School

Lorinda, thank you so much for your time and efforts in putting the Timeless Treasures book together.  I will cherish this so and look forward to opportunities God brings my way to share the music.  As I was browsing through it I kept thinking of your Grandpa and you placing the banjo into his hands and how God used that experience in leading you to music therapy.   I love the picture you chose for the front cover...just precious! As soon as I took the book out of the box and held it in front of me a tear came to my eye. The joy and the life you bring to those folks is apparent as they observe and touch the brought a light into their world!  May God continue to bless you.  DJ :)  ” - D.J. Stine

— Dulcimer U Student

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