Comfort and Caregiving 2015

Comfort and Caregiving at Mountain Trace 2015

Dulcimer U, Western Carolina University

Instructor, Lorinda Jones


"you filled me with music"


"you made my day"


"this is God's gift"


"you can stay as long as you want”


These were just some…

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The Suffering Is Gone

He was sitting in one of the corner chairs, the pod farthest from the door, but I could see him very well from the end of the nurse's station where I was playing my harp and dulcimer.  He had not…

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Why I Teach at John C Campbell Folk School

Friendships, Food, Fond Memories, Forging Ahead....

The four f's of why I continue to teach at John C Campbell Folk School.  

I can teach music lessons on a weekly basis, twenty minutes from my house, so why would I drive…

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Classical vs. Folk Performance

I was totally focused on the music notes on the page, the sound of the violin and cello sitting next to me, the voices of the choir, the piano player, and of course, the conductor.  I did not have time…

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Meaningful Performance

An incredible week of music at Augusta Heritage Center and Spring Dulcimer Week.  I presented my powerpoint titled "Mindful Practice: Meaningful Performance" and I experienced the same "after shock" during performance that I was warning my students about.

I was…

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VA waiting area

I noticed one gentleman in the line for awhile. He would steal glances at me, but did not leave his place in line. Finally, he stepped out into the middle and made a bold proclamation, "You are the angel I…

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James Graham Brown Cancer Center

As I was setting up my "playing nest" for the hour, I asked one of the patients receiving chemotherapy if I could use the empty chair close to her. She replied, "I want you to have anything you want because…

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Adventure Weekend

When we finished the "session", she said "I want to give you a hug. I have never done anything like this before, but I want you to know how much I enjoyed it and special it was to be a…

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