Lorinda performs as a solo musician, as well as in combination with others as a duo, trio, band, and ensemble, as best fits the need, or pocketbook!

 Na Skylark Trio


Lorinda Jones, Cathy Wilde Jannell Canerday

An Irish experience with the ancient sounds of the pipes and harp, Irish flute and whistle, fiddle, voice and the American mountain dulcimer.  Book an event and we will comprise a set of tunes for your event!







Musical Journey of Kentucky

Cheyenne Mize and Lorinda Jones

musical journey


Cheyenne Mize and Lorinda Jones provide a "Musical Journey of Kentucky" through songs, stories, instrument demonstrations, history, and LOTS of participation.  This action packed 45-60 minute program engages the students from the first notes of the native American Indian flute, to the toe tapping jigs.  The show is enhanced by a powerpoint that encourages the students to sing along, and to remain attentive to the history of the development of America's folk roots music in the mountain of Kentucky.  With special emphasis on the state instrument of Kentucky, the mountain dulcimer, students get an understanding of it's role in the development of folk music and the blending of the cultures that brought it to America.





Perfect Fit (Sacred, Classical, Popular Wedding Music Duo)

Debby Couch and Lorinda Jones

Evensong Trio

Lorinda Jones, Debby Couch


A Perfect Fit for your wedding, reception, background for a brunch, tea, or any special event. Debby Couch on flute, and Lorinda Jones on harp make beautiful music, and if desired, can add other musicians including cello and violin for a trio or quartet.

Music selections include Sacred, Popular, Classical, and Folk melodies.





  Not Yet Baroque! Recorder Consort

Fred Rucker, Glenn Reuger, and Lorinda Jones


The recorder ensemble includes soprano, alto, tenor, and bass recorders, and supplemented with whistles, harp, and guitar. 


The ensemble plays music from a variety of genres: patriotic, early popular music, Christmas, classical, folk, and religious selections.  


 Great for concert or background music for special 


events and receptions, as well as concert performances for assisted living and other older adult settings.






Recorder Consort




Oboe and English Horn

With a music education degree as an oboe major, Lorinda continues to enjoy playing her oboe as a soloist for weddings, special events, church and sacred music, cantatas.

In an ensemble, or duo, she teams with former student Katherine Alberts covering first and second parts for orchestra and band arrangements.





 The Heartland Winds Community Band

Brian Froedge, Director


 heartland winds










Heartland Harp Ensemble (Harp Studio)

Students meet for regularly scheduled lessons/rehearsal at the MACCL.

The ensemble has performed at the community college, assisted living, churches, and other special events.  The ensemble is supplemented with instrumentation of flute, psaltery, bowed dulcimer, accordion, Irish whistle, and vocals.  A beautiful presence!



heartland harp ensemble




Heartland Dulcimer Club 

Lorinda is the artistic director, and one of the founding members of the Heartland Dulcimer Club.  The Heartland Dulcimer Club adds fun and great music to any event, including: festivals, receptions, weddings, birthday parties and anniversaries, church events, long-term residential care programs, and much more.

For more information, go to the website by clicking on the link below.

For bookings click on this link 

Heartland Dulcimer Club



 West of the Alleghenies


"West of the Alleghenies: a Remarkable Church Called Nolynn" will be presented

by Elizabethtown historian Don Patterson, along with his wife Glenda, plus Lorinda Jones.  Wearing period costumes and playing dulcimers, the psaltry, and harp, they make their presentation in story and song.


            The story will be told from the perspective of Jacob Van Meter (1722-1798) , who led the first migration to the

Falls of the Ohio.  This flatboat migration brought the first settlers to Severns Valley and Nolynn.


          Nolynn and the other early churches were important to the development of worship practices which made

America a Protestant nation and helped to create civil and religious freedoms previously unknown.  The early churches

established a model for the practice of Christianity in a sometimes hostile environment.



 west of the alleghenies



What's Hot off the Press!

Online Music Lessons and Video Tutorials!

The stay at home Covid-19 has brought a lot of changes to "business as usual."

I am now offering private and/or group lessons via Zoom.  

Classes offered in group setting are:

Beginning Dulcimer, Continuing Dulcimer and Heartland Harp Ensemble 

If you are interested in joining any of these groups, or desire private lessons, send an email through the website contact.


Video Tutorial Sampling Mountain Dulcimer

Video Tutorial Sampling Lever (Celtic) Harp

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Hymnal Harmonies


3-part hymns for the mountain dulcimer based on shape-noted singing arrangements from William Walker


Heartland Harp Ensemble


Weekly rehearsal of the Heartland Harp Ensemble

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