Arrangements for Harp

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MacPherson's Lament


One of the nine laments arranged for the book Laments, Lullabies, and Calming Classics


Daisy Bell


A song from the golden oldies.  Found in the book Lorinda Jones Concert Programs.


Robert Burns selected this ancient Air to set his poem, Auld Lang Syne, to.  Later, the tune was changed to the very popular version that is usually heard on New Year's Eve.  I heard this performed by the band Keltricity, during our Yule Ya'll performance.

In May.pdf 

Classical tune arranged for harp.  Simple, but effective!

In May was written by Franz Behr (1837-1898), a German composer of songs and solo piano pieces.

Music from Audio Sample Page

Listen to Morning Has Broken on the Audio Sample Page.  This was recorded by Just By Chance on Cottages and Castles.  It was based on the arrangement in the book, The Folk Harp Tutor. 

Click the title below for a simple 4 part ensemble arrangement of Morning has Broken.


I like to use this arrangement when leading the song for singing.

Morning_Has_Broken-Harp in A.pdf

A multicultural tune for Harp and Psaltery


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The stay at home Covid-19 has brought a lot of changes to "business as usual."

I am now offering private and/or group lessons via Zoom.  

Classes offered in group setting are:

Beginning Dulcimer, Continuing Dulcimer and Heartland Harp Ensemble 

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Video Tutorial Sampling Mountain Dulcimer

Video Tutorial Sampling Lever (Celtic) Harp

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3-part hymns for the mountain dulcimer based on shape-noted singing arrangements from William Walker

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