When you book a "Musical Journey of Kentucky" program, you will find the 

Teachers Study Guide to Musical Journey of Kentucky very helpful.


Prepare your students prior to the performance, and follow up after the performance for a thorough understanding of the program.

Click here for study guide pdf:


Read more about how music therapy is used in the classroom as featured in the

 KET toolkit


"Listen, Create, Compose, and Evaluate"

As an artist in residence, Lorinda Jones and Cheyenne Mize can turn your classroom into a space of creativity based on the stories, songs, and dances of the Appalachian tunes of Kentucky and beyond.  As a great follow-up to the Musical Journey of Kentucky, book artists that have had experience in creating the art themselves, and sharing that creative ability with the students with small groups, or individual classrooms.

Lorinda has also developed a successful approach to teaching children the basics of playing the mountain dulcimer and her publication,

"The Mountain Dulcimer: A Design for Success"

is very popular to guide a teacher, or music therapist incorporating playing and singing with the dulcimer.

What's Hot off the Press!

Online Music Lessons and Video Tutorials!

The stay at home Covid-19 has brought a lot of changes to "business as usual."

I am now offering private and/or group lessons via Zoom.  

Classes offered in group setting are:

Beginning Dulcimer, Continuing Dulcimer and Heartland Harp Ensemble 

If you are interested in joining any of these groups, or desire private lessons, send an email through the website contact.


Video Tutorial Sampling Mountain Dulcimer

Video Tutorial Sampling Lever (Celtic) Harp

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Heartland Harp Ensemble


Weekly rehearsal of the Heartland Harp Ensemble


Hymnal Harmonies


3-part hymns for the mountain dulcimer based on shape-noted singing arrangements from William Walker

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